What Democracy Means

Democracy, translated literally from Greek, means “the people’s power”.  “Demos” means people, as in demographic, and “cracy” means power, as in aristocracy. Therefore, an institution that calls itself government that uses the word “leader” to describe any of its members is inherently not democratic, because “leader” implies power over the People, whereas “representative” implies a person who acts to enact the will of the People as per their wishes.

Perhaps “guide” might be a better way to describe an individual acting within a democratic society. Perhaps if Parliament were dissolved, and the Girl Guides were to instead lawfully enact the will of the People in Canada, then Canada could be called democratic. At present, calling the alleged Canadian government democratic is fraud, which is a felony. How does it feel to live in a nation whose imposed government’s existence is in itself a crime?

Superior Standard of Lawful Conduct

In comparing two differently constituted bases (plural of basis) for law, a superior standard of lawful conduct is one where, if You are adhering to the laws as prescribed, then You are providing a better guarantee of fair and respectful treatment toward your fellow human Beings, and/or your actions are less restricted, than in the other basis. That is what the Interactive Sovereign Society Constitution is to the Crown’s Canadian Constitution: a superior standard of lawful conduct, in both of the above ways. Forcing some One who is willing to abide by the laws of the Interactive Sovereign Society to remain under the governance of the Crown, especially if you have not even discerned for yourself whether the above is true, is blatant tyranny, and a crime against Humanity.

Are You aware of reports comparing the level of democratic principles being available to members of different nations, such as transparency and accountability, in which Canada is dropping not only on an objective scale, but even on a scale of comparison to other nations in the world? Does the thought of the word “tyranny” being more and more reasonably applicable to Canada’s governance concern You? Do You believe that a superior basis for lawful conduct in Canada should be adopted for Canadians if one is irrefutably available for practical and viable implementation?