Advocacy Registry

The ISS Advocacy Registry lists political objectives that the society chooses to advocate on behalf of.

To add a political objective to the Advocacy Registry, a member may make a motion describing the specific political objective that the member would like to see the society advocate on behalf of. If the motion carries, then that political objective would be added to the Advocacy Registry.

Any representatives of the society, defined as members who have accepted votes from other members toward the position of prime representative, may advocate for the objectives listed in this registry and claim to be speaking on behalf of the society. Any representatives of the society who claim to be speaking on behalf of the society but are advocating political objectives not listed in this registry will be asked to make all reasonable efforts to remedy the harm done to the society by any such false representation. Failure to do so may be expected to result in a termination of their membership through an ISS judicial panel for violation of ISS principles.

Under no circumstances may any representative be indicted for advocating political objectives that are explicitly stated to be not necessarily representing the views of the society as a whole but rather only the personal views of the speaker, no matter how inconsistent those views are with this registry, as long as the expression of those views does not violate the society’s principles.