Court action against Prime Representative by previous Prime Rep

An election is a tool for a society to find a person who knows how to act as a representative of other people, respectfully, patiently, and compassionately. I believe that our society has done that. I have great pride in my choice to act as this society’s Prime Representative for the year that I did, as well as all three of my predecessors and also our present Prime Rep.
When an elected official acts against lawful principles, rather than toss him out of office, I prefer to teach him a lesson that will alter his conduct in future and then keep him in office so that his skills at representation are still accessible to his electorate. I therefore do not seek to regain office and have Psam removed. I remain a Secondary Collaborator, one vote behind Psam for the position of Prime Representative, and this how I wish it to stay.
I do, however, believe that Psam has a responsibility to be accountable to the laws that he as Prime Representative has agreed to have enforced in our society, and so I will ask him to appear before one of our courts at some time in future. I recommend reading the case I have put together which I intend to bring before an ISS judicial panel chair to ask if a hearing may be called. Please find my case here:
Thank you very much for your time and attention.