National governments

Have You ever considered whether, and to what extent, You may have been subject to indoctrination throughout your life?  If You ever have been indoctrinated, then Noam Chomsky would describe You as an “unwilling or unwitting instrument” in propagating dysfunctions that have been imbued in our society (You might want to read his whole article).

The most fundamentally destructive doctrine to Humanity today may well be the one that alleges that a nation has the right to govern every occupant in an entire land, whether They consent to that nation’s form of governance or not.  For example, First Nations People have treaty rights by which their claim to their land is lawfully justifiable, and yet these rights are frequently blatantly violated (see here for a list of examples) by corporations, aided by governments like Canada’s.  People indoctrinated with the belief that their government has the right to govern every person in their land don’t usually consider the possibility that They have ever been indoctrinated.  This makes it tough to get Them to consider the damages that They and large numbers of co-indoctrinatees collectively cause, often more by inactions than by deliberate actions.  Teaching People to consider these issues, and their role in them, helps reduce the harms caused by their nations, which appear to be threatening the very ability of the planet to sustain human life.

The fear that People feel when faced with the possibility of their nation not having the right to govern every occupant of their land is that there can then exist lawless People who are not provided any consequences to their actions when those actions are unfair to Others.  To get past this fear, it is important to realise that there is generally no crime committed when their nation governs any One who does not have their own laws.  Living lawlessly is not justifiable.  To have one’s own laws, One must have a Constitution as the highest source of laws to which One is responsible, shared with Others who have also agreed to share it.  For instance have a look at this.

When People have their own complete, concise way of portraying their commitment to adhere to a standard of lawful conduct for the benefit of their fellow human Beings, then wishing your government imposed upon Them is aiding and abetting a crime, an unlawful act, if your government alleges itself to be democratic. If your government alleges itself to be democratic, then that means that your government attempts to act in a way that includes your wishes in choosing its actions, and therefore You are lawfully accountable for your wishes as You express them. You have a responsibility to look at how some One who does not consent to being governed by your nation defines their laws, and find reasonable criticisms of those laws before You may be justified in wishing your nation imposed on Them.

Doing the above steps is a reasonable way to acknowledge that perhaps your nation does not have the right to impose its laws upon every One in the entire land while still retaining the ability to instigate negotiation and compromise when You don’t believe that some One else’s laws are sufficient for You to feel protected, respected, or treated fairly.  Any One who claims to have their own set of chosen laws, concisely and completely expressed, has an innate responsibility to give You the time to express your views regarding whether You are satisfied with their laws and whether their conduct has been in accordance with those laws. This is the fundamental seed to begin thwarting the insidious form of indoctrination that every nation in the world has planted in vast numbers of people’s minds.

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