Reply from the honourable Libby Davies to the ISS Secretary

I recently wrote to Libby Davies to inform her that the BC Deputy Attorney General has been served with my case, which will be in BC Supreme Court in coming months.  I feel that because she is one of the most progressive politicians in Canada, not only will she be more in tune with seeing the benefits of an interactive electoral system, but also the system will be more supportive of the kind of politics she represents.

Libby Davies is the Canadian Member of Parliament for the federal constituency of Vancouver East.  She is the deputy leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada since 2007 and the official opposition critic to the Conservative Federal Minister of Health.  She is now serving her 6th term of office in Parliament after first being elected in 1997.  Previous to that she was elected five times to Vancouver City Council, since 1982.  Her policies and focusses are presented extensively on

In Libby’s letter, she reminds us of the NDP’s policy that proportional representation (PR) is more fair to Canadians than the first past the post system presently in use.  Some ISS members might feel that the interactive electoral system (IES) is even more fair than PR.  Some might actually prefer PR but are participating in IES for personal observation and evaluation.  The point is that the existence of the ISS can provide significant leverage to the NDP in its push for PR, with apologies to ISS members that do not agree that PR is an improvement over first past the post (just in case there are any).

Please read the letter recently sent to Libby Davies by the ISS Secretary, and also read Libby’s highly appreciated response, here.

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