Robocall scandal – Canada not a great nation

The fact that the Conservatives cheated in the last federal election says a lot about Canada as a nation, a place where a lot of people have a lot of things they didn’t come by honestly, especially positions of power. Not a nation worth being proud of. All the biggest decisions are made by liars and thieves.

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  1. Friday Febuary 22 2013.
    Ontario is now a province that exsist for petty political thugs who are taking advantage of what I have TRUELY contributed to and always will, untill I die. This is urging others who are employed other than Goverments, who show initiaive to a society that begins with positive ‘Structure’ and follows through with a population mass that creates their own rights independently as a TRUE Soverign country. Not a system!
    I am at falt beacuse, I allowed the petty political thugs to dictate to me on how its going to be, and that I should shut my hole an know my role, and pay the man for exisiting on his land. When. “This land is my land this land is your land it was made for you and me” Did it say anywhere in the song? That this land is Government land and that this land was made for the political man? This is a working theroy; I work and pay to a ‘Soverign Structure’ that slowly takes down the powers that be, and build this country like its really ours not to the Governments systimatic distopian dictatorships liking. This I ask. Will your John Crapper ‘system’ last forever? Will our solar system last forever? Taking this into view; an asteriod the size of 100 football feilds in comparison to the size of the national debt, thats comming straight for our (so called) beautiful blue marble planet full of all things systimatic. Whats left after the asteroid smashes into our planet? We may appear to have been an illusion after all. When the piping systems get clogged beyond repair and that being our whole, (phrased) nation, of all things systimatic. Who is standing under the shit pipe, reeking of effort when the pipes are fixed, with the bill in hand? ME, thats who! Who hired this over paid politician to fix the plubming anyways?
    This is a question of nomencleature. Do I really have to feel sorry for the politician who is suffering from an incurable disease, related or not? My answer is. No! I don’t like getting ripped off, espically by family! Show no mercy, the politicians certianly don’t! I’m worth ($15,000,000) more dead (by flesh eating disease) than alive because, the Governments get to extract the funds from my Provincial account from my birth certificate when I die; this being the Governments god code. On the back where the letter are, that’s what they refer to. See the Canadian Payment Association. Another system created by judges and lawers who maskerade as politicians, they created loop holes for themselves to save themselves when needed incase of, a cosmic catastrphie, or natural disaters or some incurable (flesh) eating disease. Then who choose who? The (diseased) public, meaning the rich, or me because I’m so desperate to find a clean cut politician who exsists with three faces; Cheat, Liar, and a Theif! The answer may lead to the discussion that all politicians have private health care, bought by us, and who may NOT be seen in a clinic or a hospitial, as of yet? The money came from the Government, to build the hospitals, then, as not to ever be step into after completion, sick (in the F’n head) or not. Then lets slowly take away the systemic factors, and slowly build a ‘Soverign Structure’ society a society that extracts the funds properly and disburses them in a way that WE see the funds spent on things that no longer materialize and appear from a distopian Govermental magical illusion show.
    I write this rant because, when I was at the resource center in Oshawa on 22/02/2013 there they appeared, 2 brand new photocopiers and 2 fax machienes. Now we know what happened to the C-SUB. This knawned at me after leaving and knowing that someone may have greater responsibilities than me, who needs the funds, I have to consider and acknowledge that they have kids, and those kids are; OUR FUTURE! Can you feel that. A politician dies tomorrow, I wont feel sorry for him or her, or any day after, not after what they. TOOK AWAY!
    This is my suiscide note. “I voted Dalton McGuinty and I appol…………….Bang you’re dead! Let the my body fall bleedout and rot on my birth land. Then tax the worms, who crawl in and out, as they play pinochle in my snout.
    How about this the next season of, American Horror Stroy take place in the House of Commons! This would be a TRUE sell out of, Canada

    • Hmm, John, not really sure what your point is but hope you’re feeling better now that you let that all out somewhere.

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